Tradewind Provides Qualfied Candidates:

  • A Protected Geographical Area
  • Comprehensive Training at our Corporate Office, Continuing Education and Business Development Thru our Sales Office Website
  • A Turnkey Marketing System Utilizing Proven Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Due Diligence Software
  • Access to Institutional Investors Ready to Make Offers on Qualified Policies
  • Sales and Marketing Tools Including Print Ready Postcards, Brochures and PowerPoints

With Trillions of Dollars of Existing Insurance Policies a Percentage of People will Always Want
to Sell for Cash.

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A Life Settlement is Created by Reselling an Existing Life Insurance Policy of an Insured Party Age 65 or Older on the Secondary Market for More Than its Cash Surrender Value.


Life settlements offer an economical solution to seniors who have an insurance policy they no longer need or can no longer afford to pay for.
Tradewind Offers Access to the Multi-Billion Dollar Life Settlement Market.

Click on the chart below to see closed transactions and commission licensed life insurance agents have enjoyed.


We Couldn't Have Said it Better Ourselves.

"As an insurance professional the best thing I ever did was get involved in life settlements. When I did, my income skyrocketed. It is a natural complement to each other." -Dave S.
"I am a senior passionate about the value life settlements provide to seniors. I am a licensed life insurance agent involved in life settlements. I believe in the service I promote. In fact, I sold my own insurance policy." - Len M.